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Forex Trading Training Program in Kochi

Our Happy Sudents Say


Operations Manager, Abudhabi

"Changing my career to forex trading, I am more relaxed now. I am no more worried about my income now, and most importantly, I get enough free time to spend with my family and pursue my other interests.”


Electronics engineer, Infopark

"Favourable or unfavourable - Mithun taught me how to take advantage of every market situation. I am a lot more confident now.”


IT professional, Banglore

"My understanding has now gone up after attending the course. Mithun showed me mistakes that other people made, so that I won’t make them myself.”


Adminstrative Professional, Dubai

"Mithun was always available for all my doubts and queries. Simple, down-to-earth coach who is very pragmatic in his approach. These are the kind of courses that everyone should attend. There are no flashy elements, no over-the-top claims. Simple, straightforward. I liked it 100%!”


School Teacher

"Very professional, I would say. In a short span, I learnt so much about trading. Thank you Mithun for everything that you have taught me. You have changed my life for the good. I am now using the same strategies in my life situations too!”


IT professional, Technopark, Tvm

"Mithuns strategies and ideas in forex trading helped me to increase my confidence in currency trading. after attending his forex trading course, i am now able to make decent profit ”

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Courses we Offer


July 27th & 28th


Forex market or currency market is a unique and highly potential market for aspiring traders. It is the market where currencies of different countries are traded. This is very profitable for those who undergo thorough professional training.

  • What You Learn:
  • How forex market works
  • How to evaluate political & news events
  • What are the best practices to be followed
  • How to take informed decisions
  • How to trade safely and efficiently

Our Experieneced Faculty

  • Our Experieneced Faculty

    Mithun Girishan

    Mithun Girish is the founder of Mithun,s Money Market, a consulting firm providing quality trading programs in capital markets. He is a proprietary trader who specializes in forex and stock market. His core competency lies in the areas of opportunistic trading in the forex and share market. He has got an uncanny ability to explain profound strategies in simple and lucid terms that makes it easy for anyone to learn share/forex trading strategies and develop into a self-reliant trader. Mithun blends the knowledge he received from his global training and the wisdom he gained from his practical experience to deliver the best training in the industry. A passionate trader and trainer, Mithun has been delivering trainings both in India and abroad since the last decade. Mithun Girish has made a mark of excellence in the industry as a proprietary trader and is well appreciated by his students, brokers, institutes and corporates.

Course Curriculum

Day 1 Modules

  • Introduction to markets, commodities, indices and trading
  • How forex market players fool people?
  • Trading dynamics - accumulation, distribution areas
  • Supply and demand zones
  • How to draw support and resistance professionally
  • How to identify trend
  • Entry and exit strategies
  • Money management and risk management
  • Five important trading strategies
  • WhatsApp community membership
  • Mentorship after the end of the class
  • Trading assistance


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MoneyMore is a financial market training institute offering both online and in-person training in stocks, currency, and commodity markets. MoneyMore was incepted with a clear vision in mind - to help those with a passion for trading to tap the vast potential of stock and forex market. Our mission is to make people's lives better by equipping them with professional skills and knowledge of the trading industry.

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